Do you ever notice how easy it is to give advice to others about their problems, yet when it comes to your own its not so easy. It usually comes down to a no choice left situation before you do what you should have done in the first place. With other peoples problems you don’t have the emotional tie keeping you from seeing the obvious answers. Sometimes you see them, but you cant handle the pain it would cause you to do what needs to be done. Sometimes it’s a matter of not trusting your own instincts.

Everyone has had something they had to do and they put it off because they dreaded it. It weighs on your mind, sometimes causing other problems and much stress. Then you finally break down and do it. Your so relieved and wonder why you put it off, and caused yourself so much unnecessary grief.

Sometimes you just have to step back and be your own friend. Put all emotions aside for a moment and only look at the logical side of things. Trust your instincts. I don’t mean those insecure thoughts we all get that usually begin with, “what if?” I mean those nagging gut instincts. Their usually right.

A lot of times we have trouble with making the right decision because the answer to our problem isn’t the answer we want. The real answer may mean that you have to except a loss or make a change you don’t want to make. Unless you want this problem to keep making you unhappy or stressed out where you cant enjoy your life, you have to make the right decision. Many times you find out that the loss wasn’t such a loss, and the change ended up being just what you needed.

There are exceptions though. These are usually when another person is the loss. Sometimes no matter how much time goes by you still feel the pain of that loss. You no longer have the problem that seemed to come with a domino effect of many others. You now have just the one hurdle. So your still better off then you were.

Remember when you were a kid and you said you couldn’t wait to grow up. You wouldn’t have anyone telling you what to do and could do whatever you wanted. Life would be so much better and easier if you could just make all your own decisions. Well, here you are.

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